Pearlish Labels: Embrace Subtle Elegance and Unique Luminosity

Introducing our pearlish labels, crafted to embrace subtle elegance and showcase a unique luminosity. These labels feature delicate pearlish labels that add a touch of sophistication and visual intrigue to your products or packaging. The pearlescent effect creates a subtle shimmer that catches the light from different angles, captivating the attention of your audience. Whether you're looking to elevate your branding, enhance wedding invitations, or add a luxurious touch to special projects, our pearlish labels are the perfect choice. With their strong adhesive backing, these labels adhere seamlessly to various surfaces, ensuring a seamless and refined presentation. Let your products or designs shine with an alluring glow by choosing our pearlish labels, and create a lasting impression with their unique luminosity.

*Pearlish is a subtle luster of Pearl glaze for your label. Suitable for luxury and promotional labeling.


Note: Select matt or silky feel lamination if to choose spot UV or foil stamping

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